The Loomis System®


What is the Food Enzyme Institute (formerly Loomis Institute) where Sherry received her Loomis Digestive Health Specialist certification?

The Food Enzyme Institute is a postgraduate educational program that is approved by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board. The seminar material is the work of Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA. Dr. Loomis has combined the work of food enzyme pioneer, Edward Howell, MD, with his many years of clinical experience to develop this Diploma and certification program. The philosophy behind the Food Enzyme Institute is based on the vitalistic premise that the body possesses an innate intelligence to heal and maintain itself when it is given the proper amounts of air, water, nutrients, and exercise. It is our goal as digestive health professionals to identify those organs that are struggling to do their part for the maintenance of homeostasis. The Loomis System®, developed by Howard Loomis, Jr., is a system of diagnostic techniques that can be used to determine the hidden causes of chronic symptoms. All stress, whether it is from a mechanical, chemical, or emotional source, increases the body's need for nutrition. 

The Loomis System® focuses on this need because when the body does not have the adequate nutrition to meet the increased stress, the results are always the same. Dr. Loomis has an extensive background in the creation of clinically effective enzyme supplements. His knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, and enzymology has enabled him to educate health professionals around the world on the clinical use of plant enzymes. Sherry Zahn is proud to be a graduate of this program and to be able to offer this knowledge to her clients